Yin Yoga Teacher Training


A convenient add to your exploration of our island, or if you're local, an easy way to complete your CEUS and broaden your teaching or understanding of Yin Yoga.

March 2019:  Presented in two modules, take one or both.

Module One-

  • Friday March 8 from 6-9 pm
  • Saturday March 9 from 11-5pm
  • Sunday March 10 from 1-5pm
  • Thursday March 14 from 6-9pm

Module Two-

  • Friday March 15 from 6-9pm
  • Saturday March 16 from 11-5pm
  • Sunday March 17 from 1-5pm
  • Thursday March 21 from 6-9pm

Kauai Location

Whether you call it home or a dream destination, training on the Garden Isle of Kauai is a magical experience.  You will experience practice in unique, and inspiring locations around the island, visit our local Hindu Monastary, and take in the magical and moving energy of Hawaii's oldest and most sacred island.


Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Students are eligible, after completion of this course for 40 Continuing Education Contact Hours with Yoga Alliance.  Students who do not complete the entire course will receive one (1) CEU for each contact hour attended.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a serene, safe, and welcoming space where students are supported on the path of their yoga teaching journey, and self transformation.   Our skilled teachers share the knowledge they have gained from study and practice to provide foundations for deep inquiry into the practices of yoga.  We strive to ignite a spark of inspiration for exploration, welcoming, and sharing.

Students are encouraged to develop their own teaching style, and voice, allowing for a unique yoga experience every time. Through our own individual growth and with a strong sense of community, we open our hearts to the beauty that can be found in every day.



Your Mission

Transform your practice and your life.  Whether you ever teach a yoga class or not, your life is sure to never be the same.  Our training provides an opportunity to go deep within, and the tools for creating a life of connection, confidence, and self-awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Yin Yoga

Calms and balances the mind and body - The combination of physical asana, breath work, and meditation have a calming effect on the mind and body unique to this practice.  


Reduces stress and anxiety - stillness and mindfulness help to relieve stress by decreasing levels of stress causing hormones like cortisol.

Improves flexibility - the practice of holding poses for longer periods of time help to lengthen connective tissues to increase flexibility.

Releases fascia and improves joint mobility - yin practice helps to increase circulation of prana and fluids in the body, helping to hydrate fascial tissue and joints.

Balances the internal organs and improves the flow of chi or prana - considered 'acupuncture without needles', yin practices create constrictions and openings along the meridians flushing out blockages and increasing flow to organs and tissues.   

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Your Instructors

Lisa McGalliard

Lisa is an E-RYT 200, an RYT 500, a Certified iRest® Teacher, a Doctoral Candidate at the Hindu University of America in Yoga Philosophy, and the owner of Kalaheo Yoga Studio in Kauai.

Lisa's training in Yin Yoga includes 100 hours with Master Paulie Zink, the creator of Yin Yoga and 40 hours with Yogacara Global Teacher Training.  Lisa has been teaching since 2014 and practicing yoga since 2007.

Additionally, she has completed several programs specific to the needs of Veterans and trauma survivors. Actively studying for her 800 hour certification as a Yoga Therapist, Lisa is dedicated to helping anyone dealing with trauma related symptoms, but believes that everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga and meditation. “I became a yoga and meditation teacher because I struggled with trauma related symptoms from a sexual assault – and yoga and iRest were critical to my healing process.   I hope to help others make a deep spiritual connection with their true inner nature of peace and stillness.”




Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks has a Masters of Acupuncture from The Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture in Louisville, Colorado.  She has over 5 years of formal training in acupuncture school and a certification in zero balancing.

Before acupuncture school, Sarah majored in biology and allied health at Pine Manor College, and studied Vedic Medicine at Maharishi University of Management. She formerly conducted research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. She was headed to medical school in Boston before pursuing a career in preventative medicine.

Sarah has a current license to practice acupuncture in Hawaii, #1180, and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is insuranced through the American Acupuncture Council.


Your Curriculum

Module One

History, Philosophy, and Anatomy


Common Yin Poses and why we do them

Sequencing and teaching basics (cues, modifications, use of props)

How to cultivate and support a mindful yin practice

Module Two

Practicum- develop and lead practices based on the priciples covered in Module One

Modifications - Further practice and exploration of modifications and use of props

Working with the energy body - knowledge and practice of using pranayama techniques and working with the chakras and kosha in practice

Developing YOUR style and voice


Both Modules Early Bird Pricing Paid in Full by February 1, 2019

$ 650

Both Modules Regular Pricing - Paid After February 01, 2019

$ 750

Single Module Early Bird Pricing - Paid Before February 01, 2019

$ 325

Single Module Regular Pricing - Paid After February 01, 2019

$ 397


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