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Modular Schedule

Modularly designed to fit your needs, you can take one or all of our courses.  Those with previous Thai Massage training can join us for intermediate or Leusii Datton Self Care, beginners can start with the Basic course and continue on with us to Intermediate and Leusii!


Kauai Location

Whether you call it home or a dream destination, training on the Garden Isle of Kauai is a magical experience.  You will experience practice in unique, and inspiring locations around the island, visit our local Hindu Monastary, and take in the magical and moving energy of Hawaii's oldest and most sacred island.

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Continuing Education Credit

NCBTMB Continuing Education Certified Thai Massage Courses

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Thai Massage Courses 
This combination practice of acupressure, Sen line energy work and yoga is meant to balance the bodies energies and musculature as well as give a sense of tremendous spirit, for both the client as well as the practitioner.

These courses are open to all relaxation practitioners, therapists, educators and the public who desire to learn or receive Nationally Certified Continuing Education Hours.
As well as those who simply want to provide comfort to their families and friends, which can also develop into a part time or full time practice.

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  • Program Dates

    January 14-21, 2019

    January 14-17: The Basic “Classic Routine” of Thai Massage Certification Course

    January 18-19:  Intermediate Thai Massage Bodywork 

    January 20-21:  Thai Herbal Compress Massage & Leusii Datton Self Care

  • Class Times

    8 hours daily from 12pm to 9pm (includes one hour dinner break)


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Providing the base on which to build your practice, this weekend is considered the diagnostic weekend. Includes Introduction to all subjects with concentration of hands on massage techniques, thumbing the major Sen Lines of the arms and legs with beginning assisted yoga postures.  

We will cover the basic principles, ethics, bodywork and theory of the Thai Healing Art of interactive massage, energy meridian work, and yoga treatment. This is the “Classic Routine" or Massage formalized by Ajahn Sintorn Chaichakan the founder of The Traditional Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang, Mai Thailand;As recorded and published by C. Pierce Salguero & David Roylance, in The Encyclopedia of Thai Massage

  • Discuss the Basic Principles & Ethics of Thai Massage
  • Become familiar with the History of Thai Culture and Spirituality
  • Learn the 10 major Sen Lines- Energy Meridian Work
  • Massage Techniques including: Thumbing, Palming, Forearms and Elbows
  • Introduction to Abdominal Massage, as well as using knees and feet
  • Learn a sequence with over 120 moves and over 60 Individual Stretches & Yoga Assists
  • Learn Proper Body Mechanics
  • Learn Basic Anatomy
  • Learn Breathing and Meditation techniques

All with ample practice time!!

Total cost for 32 hours-$1,000.00
$900 Early Bird Registration, paid in full by November 15, 2018.
Taking more than one course? Scroll down for package discounts!

January 14-17 from 12pm - 9pm

Intermediate Thai Massage Bodywork-16 Hours

After receiving a great base of information in the Basic course, we have many students who not only want to further their practice and education but have a few questions about the previous course information. Here we have the opportunity to ask frequently brought up questions about the practices or mechanics of the “Classic Routine” and postures associated with Thai Massage in general. We will gain more knowledge and practice by;

  • Reviewing Materials from “Classic Routine”
    • Questions about students personal practices, hangups, discoveries, etc.
  • Learn Essential Posture Variations for
    • Side-lying and Seated massage
  • Be guided Safely through
    • New Advanced Yoga Stretches and Postures
    • Abdominal Massage
    • Introduction to Walking Massage.
  • Gain experience with Acupressure using varying techniques; forearms, elbows and knees
  • Deepen our awareness of the 10 major Sen Lines of Thai healing.
  • Understanding Hot/Cold & “Therapeutic” Considerations/ Contraindications
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If you have experience and a certificate of training at another school, need CEU's and or would like to discuss transferring into our programs, contact us directly.

Basic Thai Massage is a pre-requisite to our Intermediate Training; whether from our school or transferring from another course.

Total cost for 16 hours-$450
$400 Early Bird Registration, paid in full by November 15, 2018.
Taking more than one course? Scroll down for package discounts!

January 18 - 19 from 12pm to 9pm 

Thai Herbal Compress Massage & Leusii Datton Self Care-16 Hours

There are many elements to Thai Healing as a system. We bring about further balance of the three Thai Ayurvedic Doshas through the electro chemical benefits of Thai Herbal Massage, “Luk Pra Kob”; With the application of herbal compresses, the body and mind are provided with deep relaxation and restoration.

Through our own practice of breath awareness and control, meditation in motion, yoga and physical manipulation of our own tissues through the Leusii Datton Indigenous stretching practices, we can encourage our well being as practitioners, while becoming equipped to share the information with our clients.

We will be introduced to Herbal Thai Massage and Leusii Datton:

  • Review Ethics and Principles of Thai Healing
  • Acupressure, Sen Lines, Hot & Cold Pressures
  • Discussing Dosha Analysis/ Elements/ Common Herbal Ingredients
  • Set up/Practice Herbal Massage/Sauna
  • Understand Leusii Datton “ Therapeutic Thai Stretching, and how it influenced the creation of Thai Massage.
  • Leusii Datton Class
  • Intuitive Practice Session
  • Suggested Studies
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*Introduction to Thai Massage is a requirement to take this class. If you have experience or a certificate of training at another school, need CEU's and or would like to discuss transferring into our programs, contact us directly. 

Total cost for 16 hours-$450
$400 Early Bird Registration, paid in full by November 15, 2018.
Taking more than one course? Scroll down for package discounts!

January 20 - 21 from 12pm to 9pm

Your Instructor

Sarah Cheiky is a formal licensed massage therapist by the Ohio State Medical Board in 2003. She has received her continuing education and teaching apprenticeship for traditional Thai yoga massage by Tao Mountain School of Traditional Thai Massage.
Sarah has been formally welcomed into the family and lineages of The Traditional Old Medicine Hospital, as well as the SVG Thai Massage Training Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

After receiving National Certification from the NCBTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworkers, Sarah now provides continuing education courses to Thai yoga massage aspiring practitioners.

Through our lives process, Sarah says,“We have the option to make very real changes everyday, when we acknowledge and enlighten truth.” She has gained understanding of how to make change from her experiences with fitness, diet, massage, yoga and meditation. She also believes that, “We benefit most when we are willing to expand our awareness, and understand that absolutely everything put forth or received, effects every universal aspect; be it body, energy, or citta (mind-heart). Live within the full truth of reality.”


Package Pricing

Basic and Intermediate for $1,420 - Early Bird Registration by November 15 for $1,270.

Intermediate and Herbal/Leusii Dattan for $1,000 - Early Bird Registration by November 15 for $850.

Take all three courses for $1,700 - Early Bird Registration by November 15 for $1,500. 

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