We offer a full schedule of classes honoring a variety of Classical Yoga traditions. We can help you choose the class that’s right for you.
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We offer a full schedule of classes honoring a variety of Classical Yoga traditions. We can help you choose the class that’s right for you.

Schedule of Classes


This is a dynamic, fluid and creative form of hatha yoga; utilizing the breath to flow from one pose to the next in a prescribed sequence. Throughout class we move the body from the breath in an attentive way, creating unification of body, mind and spirit. Vinyasa classes contain sun salutations, seated poses, standing poses, twists, back-bends and inversions. Students are encouraged to work with their breath, to modify and adjust the poses and the practice to suit the individual’s needs. Sign Up Now!

Alignment Yoga explores a wide variety of postures, including inversions, through precise instruction and correct alignment. Classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, and balance. Through the use of props and the careful observations of the teacher, poses and positions are held for longer periods of time, thus deepening the awareness of alignment in the body and bringing about a sense of calm that reduces anxiety and brings openness to the heart and mind. Sign Up Now!

Restorative yoga focuses on relaxing, stretching, and opening the body in restful postures. This allows the body to renew and heal from the rigors of everyday stress. To enhance optimal relaxation, props such as blankets, bolsters, and belts are used as needed so that poses may be held passively for extended periods of time, thus letting the body soften and relax deeply as the mind finds the stillness to rest and renew.. Sign Up Now!

This intermediate-advanced class is a combination of slow focused vinyasa poses, interspersed with specific poses that work towards a peak pose. We explore the specific movements necessary to express the peak pose with fluidity and balance. The class includes inversions and backbends, as well as some core development. Sign Up Now!

A deeply relaxing and meditative practice.  Yin yoga works a deeper level of the body and mind. A slow-paced style, we use primarily seated postures which are held for longer periods of time than in traditional practices of Hatha or Vinyasa. This practice offers a very meditative and intimate experience that takes the practitioner deep into the feelings and sensations in the body and challenges the mind to stillness. This practice targets the deep connective tissues in the joints and provides increased flexibility and mental stability.
Yoga Nidra: The literal translation of Nidra is sleep. However, Yoga Nidra is a dynamic state, not the unconscious sleep of nighttime. It is a unique combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation. On the most basic level, Yoga Nidra relaxes, rejuvenates and renews the physical body. Through regular practice, Yoga Nidra enables you to achieve an integrated state in which your body moves towards self-healing on a physical, mental and emotional plane.

A flowing Vinyasa sequence, utilizing breath to move through standing, seated and twisting poses. Finishing with Yoga Nidra, a long gentle led meditation. All are welcome! Great way to end your day!! Sign Up Now!

Explore this quiet, meditative practice with an emphasis on rejuvenating the natural strength and length of the connective tissue (fascia) of the body that may have been lost due to aging, diet and/or lifestyle. Through mindful muscle relaxation, yin yoga promotes the healthy flow of energy in the body through the connective tissue.

Postures held for longer periods give practitioners the opportunity to observe and bring awareness to the breath and sensations in the body. A deeper contemplative practice, yin not only is a wonderful compliment to running, surfing, or vinyasa practices.

This is a wonderful class for beginners and people looking to re-enter their yoga practice. Sign Up Now!

Yoga~Barre is a total body fitness routine, utilizing a combination of Yoga, Pilates and dance exercise. With the support of a ballet barre and mat work, Yoga~Barre helps you to create a centered, strong and supple body. Increase your sense of balance, strength and flexibility as you build the elegant, strong and lean muscles of a dancer. A fun and challenging class set to music! Sign Up Now!

All levels: Perfect for beginners or anyone dealing with injury or chronic stress. This class begins with a very gentle movement practice, which cultivates mindfulness and presence through slow movement in yoga poses. Movement with awareness allows for the healing of the body as a whole, allowing neurological shifts, deep core connection and overall strengthening. We then work into soft tissue of the fascia and connective tissues to increase circulatory flow, release connective tissue, and boost the immune system. This practice utilizes props such as balls and foam rollers to massage the tissues.

A flow style class moving on the breath from one pose to the next, including basic sun salutations, standing poses and seated poses. This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate students wanting a gentle slow practice. Sign Up Now!

A well rounded set sequence of classical poses, joined by the breath.The sequence begins with Sun salutations, transitioning to standing poses, core work, backbends, twists, forward bends and inversions. There are modifications given for all poses for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. A practice of the classical principles of yoga implementing both movement on the breath and proper alignment. A wonderful class to attend as it gives you a reliable and steady sequence to do in your home practice. Open to all levels.

Led by Certified iRest Teacher, Lisa McGalliard, iRest effectively supports the healing process. Taught as a guided meditation, students can expect to lie down or sit comfortably during the practice.

Developed over 26 years by Dr. Richard Miller, iRest is integrative, in that it heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind. It is restorative in that it aids its practitioners in recognizing their underlying peace of mind that is always present amidst all changing circumstances of life.

People using iRest report:

Decreased stress, anxiety, fear and depression
Decreased insomnia and sleep disturbances
Decreased perception of chronic and acute pain
Improved interpersonal relations
Increased energy levels
Increased sense of control in their lives
More confidence and joy in their lives
Greater sense of peace and well-being
iRest programs are typically taught as a guided meditation. Students can expect to lie down or sit comfortably during the practice. View the listing of upcoming iRest Trainings and Retreats, where you can:

Explore and develop intention
Experience Body Sensitivity training
Experience breath and energy awareness
Develop systematic neutralization of:
Negative body sensations and stress
Negative feelings & emotions
Negative beliefs, images and memories
Experience joy and well-being
Develop freedom from the sense of separation generated by the senses and mind
Learn to experience peace amidst the changing circumstances of life

Veterans Yoga Project teaches self-regulation skills. Our Mindful Resilience/Mindful Yoga Therapy program consists of five tools: Breath, Meditation, Mindful Movement, Guided Rest, and Gratitude. These practices are adapted and delivered to maximize their ability to undo the nervous system dysfunctions that underlie symptoms of stress-related conditions.

All levels: the slow pace allows new students a pace that fosters learning basic yoga poses while also providing a challenge of stillness and focus to more experienced yogis. This class will focus on the breath/movement connection by flowing slowly through sun salutations and postures designed to build internal heat slowly and gently while cultivating mindfulness and awareness to breath and body sensation.  Meditation and Pranaymana (breath work) techniques are taught to promote relaxation.  Class concludes with Yin Yoga postures which settle the body and mind while lengthening the connective tissues.

Vinyasa flow followed by Yin. This class offers a balance between a moving strength based practice and a seated/reclined practice that develops flexibility and relaxation.
Start with a invigorating vinyasa to move and open the body. Then settle into some relaxing, deepening stretches to round out your practice, lengthening connective tissues and developing mindful awareness.  

The studio is located at 4427 Papalina Road, in the middle of Kalaheo. Turn makai at the light on Papalina and the studio is a couple hundred yards up on the right. A map to the Yoga Studio is available on our Contact page.

Class Prices
Single Drop-in Class $22.00 *
Kama’aina Drop-in Class $18.00 ( Current Hawaii Driver’s License required)
3 Class Traveller's Pass $60.00
5 Class Pass (Non HI ID-valid 2 months) $95
10 Class Pass (Valid 3 months) $160
20 Class Pass (Valid 4 months) $280

All passes are per person, no sharing, non-transferrable.
* Mats are available for an $1 rental fee.