200 Hour Teacher Training

Extensive & Intenstive Programs

We offer two ways to complete your 200 hour training so you can choose what fits your schedule.  Three week intensive or an extensive nine month program.


Kauai Location

Whether you call it home or a dream destination, training on the Garden Isle of Kauai is a magical experience.  You will experience practice in unique, and inspiring locations around the island, visit our local Hindu Monastary, and take in the magical and moving energy of Hawaii's oldest and most sacred island.


Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Students are eligible, after completion of our vinyasa focused programs, to apply for certification through Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a serene, safe, and welcoming space where students are supported on the path of their yoga teaching journey, and self transformation.   Our skilled teachers share the knowledge they have gained from study and practice to provide foundations for deep inquiry into the practices of yoga.  We strive to ignite a spark of inspiration for exploration, welcoming, and sharing.

Students are encouraged to develop their own teaching style, and voice, allowing for a unique yoga experience every time. Through our own individual growth and with a strong sense of community, we open our hearts to the beauty that can be found in every day.



Your Mission

Transform your practice and your life.  Whether you ever teach a yoga class or not, your life will never be the same after this experience.  Our training provides an opportunity to go deep within yourself, to see yourself more fully, to accept yourself on a deeper level and love yourself more completely.  You will gain the tools for creating a life of connection, confidence, and self-awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Extensive Program Dates 2020


  • Intensive Program Dates 2020

    We are currently taking interest for a September 2020 program. Please e-mail info@kalaheoyoga.com or call Lisa on 808-977-0213.  

  • Extensive Program Class Times

    Friday 6-9

    Saturday 11-5

    Sunday 1-5

    Thursday 6-9

    *Hours the first weekend we meet may differ.  

  • Intensive Program Class Times

    Daily 8am  - 9pm

    *Schedule will vary based on student choices for group practice options and excursions; however, students should expect to attend lectures, study, practice 10 hours per day.  

Your Curriculum

Techniques and Training

Includes: standing and balance postures, seated and twisting asana, forward and back bending poses, arm balancing, hip opening, inversions, and stabilizing postures, yin yoga, restorative yoga, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra, mudras, bandhas, and sun salutations.  These hours are a mix between (1) analytical training in how to teach and practice the techniques, and (2) guided practice of the techniques themselves.

Teaching Methodology
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

Investment for 2018 Programs

Extensive Program

Paid in Full by August 01, 2018
$ 2,900

Intensive Program

Early Bird Pricing: Dates TBA
$ 2,900

Extensive Program

Paid in Full by Septemer 01, 2018
$ 3,300

Intensive Program

Regular Pricing
$ 3,300

Extensive Program

Per Month for 9 Months
$ 400

Non-refundable $500 deposit is due upon acceptance into the program (via email confirmation), students are required to submit a non-refundable deposit within 3 days.  Deposit applied to monthly payment plan reduces monthly payments to $344.44.

Your Lead Instructors

Lisa McGalliard

Lisa McGalliard is an ERYT-200, RYT 500, a Certified iRest® Teacher, a Doctoral Candidate at the Hindu University of America in Yoga Philosophy, and the owner of Kalaheo Yoga Studio in Kauai. Additionally, she has completed several programs specific to the needs of trauma survivors. She has been working in the military community for over 15 years as a contractor, and spent 3 years in the Middle East, including 2 in Afghanistan.

“I became a yoga and meditation teacher because I struggled with trauma related symptoms from a sexual assault– and yoga and iRest were critical to my healing process.   I love being able to share these tools for self-healing and post traumatic growth with others who struggle with the aftermath of trauma.” Lisa is dedicated to helping anyone dealing with trauma related symptoms, but believes that everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga and meditation. She is also actively studying for her 800 hour certification as a Yoga Therapist though Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.

As a yoga instructor, Lisa focuses on sharing the therapeutic benefits of the practice in a variety of styles: yin, gentle, vinyasa, and yoga nidra.  "I see the physical practice of yoga as a meditation in motion and encourage my students to bring awareness to the body, breath, and spirit. I design each class to be a well rounded journey through the koshas and to bring balance to the system as a whole."

Lisa’s additional training and education: BA Akron University, MA Georgetown University, Doctoral Candidate at The Hindu University of America, Veteran Yoga Project (Hawaii Area Manager), Warriors at Ease (Level Three-in progress), Warriors at Ease Military Sexual Trauma, Certified Yin Instructor 100 Hours with Yin Yoga Founder Paulie Zink, Yoga For Amputees (20 hours). Yoga Anatomy Principles with Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Anatomy Practices with Leslie Kaminoff.


My 200 Hour Training Experience

by Lisa McGalliard

As I went into teacher training, I really had no idea of the yoga teacher training discoveries I was about to make or the friendships I would forge.  I thought I would simply learn how to help people into and out of poses, language for cuing, and tips for making adjustments.  I had really never expected that teacher training would foster the level of personal growth that I experienced.

While we learned plenty about teaching, anatomy, asana, cuing, etc., the profound take away was far more than asana and much more about deep compassion born of self-love.  Yes, there were exams and practical material that had to be learned, but this is not what inspires. It is merely what informs inspiration. Inspiration to go forth with everything you have.  Inspiration to give everything you’ve got to your teaching and your students. Inspiration that comes from a deep wellspring of love accessed by self-discovery.  That is what is found in an environment that is rich in acceptance, support, and encouragement.

There we were all put together.  Each of us from all walks of life, so many different views of the world, but could safely and proudly discover and share ourselves.  We were each, from our corners of the world, free to open our hearts, bear our souls, and spend some time in our own authenticity.   Free to connect to our true selves and get to know the beauty and love that lies there.  Free to question and answer and examine.  And there we were, falling in love each day with everything we could possibly fit into 16 hours, never to see through the same eyes again.

Vedanta teaches us, ‘once you know something, it is impossible to un-know it’.  It would be an absurd impossibility to expect to be anything but changed after the experience. What we learned there we could never unlearn: acceptance, respect, nurturing support, and most of all love. 

Who will you discover?

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