Connect with yourself, enjoy deeper relaxation, and explore your journey to better health and wellness at Kauai’s original South Shore studio.

  • Are you curious about yoga?
  • Looking for therapeutic or rehabilitation support?
  • An experienced yogi who wants to deepen your practice?

We welcome all students and our expert teachers offer precise instruction and caring guidance for every level of practice.
At Kalaheo Yoga, small classes, a variety of yoga disciplines, and guided meditations & breathing put a focus on deeper relaxation, inner connection, and improved health and well-being.

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Is Yoga Right For Me?


The postures in yoga are simply a series of stretching and strengthening exercises performed in coordination with the breath.

These postures help you develop strength and flexibility while also helping you gain discipline and self-control by cultivating awareness.

Yoga is also a moving meditation because it helps you focus on the present moment while calming your mind and body. You’ll feel more balance in your mind and emotions while reducing pain and stress.

Whatever your goals are, we can help you find a class that’s right for you.
Our weekly class schedule is enhanced with weekend workshops, events to celebrate our yoga community, and fundraising events to support our island community.

So whether you are looking for an intense workout, relaxing meditation, or a therapeutic practice to heal injuries or stress, we have a class to meet your needs.

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Elevate your Wellness

Kalaheo Yoga offers private and small group classes that fit into your schedule - not the other way around.

We'll come to you with yoga mats and props to make sure you can experience deep connection and relaxation.

We welcome everyone from beginners to experienced yogis.

Whether you want a private solo class or want to bring a small group, our knowledgeable and caring instructors will design a class just for you.

On-location Private Classes $125
In studio Private Classes $85
Additional persons $25 each



This extended session combines the physical releasing power of Yin Yoga with the mental restorative power of iRest Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation to ease symptoms of stress and reconnect you with inner stillness, leaving you rested and rejuvenated.

Experience what the art of conscious restoration can do for you:
*Release tension from the body and allow the mind to fully relax
*Deepen your breathing and reduce stress hormones
*Slow your heart rate and reduce blood pressure
*Relax your muscles, easing fatigue, anxiety and insomnia
*Includes Pranayama, Yin Yoga and a 45 minute guided relaxation

Special Event: Class packages not applicable  $30 PER PERSON


This workshop will be a fun lighthearted exploration of those asana you see on Instagram that you are sure must be photoshopped. "Seriously, how do they do that?" Well this workshop will teach you! We will break down arm balances, headstands, back bends, and other fun playful poses.

Every impressive asana has a sequence of asana building up to it and we will cover those in depth so that you may gain the strength, balance and flexibility to perform advanced asana with alignment and confidence. This workshop is geared to those wishing to take their practice further and not intended for beginners or the faint of heart. So bring along your favorite photo of thatmustbeimpossibleasana and take the first step on the path to achieve it.

Special Event: Class packages not applicable  $25 PER PERSON


Yin Caterpillar

Connect to the natural world of the Tao and experience healing and peace through the natural elements. Once revered as sacred, the elements fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, are now viewed as unconscious matter. As we travel through our modern lives, our experience of the elements has completely changed and hardly noticed.

Each session will be a combination of lecture material and yin yoga postures to cultivate and harmonize these five alchemical energies that are located in the universal field, and which play a distinct role in our own bodies. Join us for one or all five of the phases of this workshop. [...]


This combination practice of acupressure, Sen line energy work and yoga is meant to balance the bodies energies and musculature as well as give a sense of tremendous spirit, for both the client as well as the practitioner.

These courses are open to all relaxation practitioners, therapists, educators and the public who desire to learn or receive Nationally Certified Continuing Education Hours.
As well as those who simply want to provide comfort to their families and friends, which can also develop into a part time or full time practice.

January 2019, click below for more information!


Take the next vital steps in your yoga journey.  Our 200 our teacher training programs offer you quality instruction in an absolutely magical location.  We offer the convenience of a three week intensive program or a 9 month weekend program to fit your schedule.

Our 2018 Nine month program starts September 14, 2018!

Apply before August 01 to qualify for early bird pricing!

Where We Are

Located near the stunning resort areas of Poipu and Koloa, our bright, modern studio offers a relaxing atmosphere to focus on your practice.
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4427 Papalina Road, Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii 96741
(808) 378-8533


Kalaheo Yoga


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